NaLu One-Shots

NaLu One-Shots

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⋆ one shot book

⋆ NaLu 

⋆ 2014 - ongoing 

⋆ Cover : Golden Heart

Ominous__00 Ominous__00 Sep 09
Graylu is stupid, NaLu is better because Gruvia is canon in the manga!
Ominous__00 Ominous__00 Sep 09
                              Erza: who? Gray? 
                              Me: yes
                              Erza: ILL KILL HIM! GRAY GET OVER HERE! 
                              Gray: what is it.. *sweatdropped*
                              Erza: YOU MADE MY SIBLING SAD WHAT DIS HE DO? 
                              ME: HE RUINED MY SHIPPPPPP
                              ERZA: *KILLS GRAY*
                              ME: YAY!!!!!!! *HUGS ERZA~SAN*
                              ERZA:*HUGS BACM*
Ah, I love Grey and Lucy as siblings. Not in a truly real relationship
MxggieChan MxggieChan Apr 01
Yay....Gaylu.😒😒😓.....WAIT I MEAN GRAYLU* 😂😂😂
oceanicpop oceanicpop Aug 26, 2016
Yess finally someone understands me while im sitting in my car 😂
Me: *kills Gray and throws him in fire*
                              Me: PROBLEM SOLVED✔️
                              Juvia: ;-; I will seek revenge. Just wait.
                              Me: oh sh**