Shades of morality

Shades of morality

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Deep in the forests of Oregon lies the  town of Silver Spruce.  This town is not your normal forest town, a month doesn't go by without the sighting of a monster or some other strange occurrence.  A man waking only to find that trees have grown through his house or a woman finding that some of her pets seam to be a little too aware.  These thing and more are not uncommon there. 

In this town lives a young man who can see the souls of those around him, be they living or dead. 

Groups of strange new comers have moved to town and a lot of them seem a bit... wolfish.  One of these groups is lead by a young woman who's instincts fight with her mind.

There exists many more stories in that town.  This one, however, is the story of the  Grave-keeper and the Frost-tooth.

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