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Sold To My Mate(Student/Teacher) [DISCONTINUED]

Sold To My Mate(Student/Teacher) [DISCONTINUED]

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Laniyah Smith By Entice_ Completed

I was never wanted as a child.   Being born into the werewolf world, yet wasn't a werewolf. I was my parents disappointment.   I was treated different, born from a powerful Luna and Beta wolf I was treated with such disrespect. In front of a crowd I was treated differently by my family; those you should love me.   But they didn't have any remorse once they did something that would always hurt me.  They sold me to a man I didn't know. All I knew was he was a powerful Alpha and my mate.   ~   Searching for his mate for four years and finally found her. She's only fifteen years old and he just turned twenty-two, seven year age different and he don't care. He just wants to love her.   He's big,  He's bad, He's powerful,  He's Zander Steel, most powerful and feared Alpha yet to be. Unable to find her, he let his Beta take over, while Zander becomes a teacher.   Once he set his eyes on those violet colored eyes he's never turning back.

KristenParks8 KristenParks8 Aug 11, 2016
Hate them with such a burning passion I will kill them in front off the world with no regrets
You're IN the trunk wtf. Shows up to school and your sister just opens up the trunk and you pop out. How do people react to that. " oh , just another trunk transporter."
KristenParks8 KristenParks8 Aug 11, 2016
That outta hurt but somone outta kill Mabel and this so called mother
All these comments are from 2014. Let me all introduce you to the word shook. Let's use it in an example: " OH SHÏT THIS HAIRY BEAST HAS ME SHOOK."
KristenParks8 KristenParks8 Aug 11, 2016
I don't have a soul bit at least half my heart is good the other half is dark I shall never give into the darkness cause I aint no bitch
BecuzLogic BecuzLogic Jul 19, 2016
So the Luna cheated on the alpha... 
                              Yeah I would be be bullied to if I was the daughter of someone who cheated on the most important person in the pack...