The Lost Realm

The Lost Realm

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Rhea By ray_of_sunshine9 Updated Dec 03, 2019



A land where witches rule the skies and mermaids haunt the seas. 

A land where dragons slumber in canyons and bloodthirsty beasts known as wisps lurk in the shadows. 

A land bound together by magic. 

And the humans can't know anything about it. 

Each human has their own Saelin, a half-Fae guardian sworn to protect them from the creatures that prowl in the night. 

But more and more wisps are slipping out of thin air. More and more Saelin are being slaughtered by the second. The Gods are stirring, the witches are wrecking villages, and whispers of a curse are tainting the air.

A curse that could destroy the land and its people forever. 

Amazing cover by @sereneur