Bought In To Royalty

Bought In To Royalty

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2000 years after the Vampire Inhabitants took over our land, I, Daphne Müller; born from a pure breed and mated with a half blood, will be the resurrection and the victory of the human race.

I will be the death of all the vampires that torture and torment my people, and those who survive my wrath will tell my tale of victory to the generations after.

I Am Bought In To Royalty.

I Am Bought To be their Queen.


In her eighteenth year, Daphne is faced with the biggest decision of her life.

This young adult needs to make a choice between love and war, and the fate of the country depends on her decision.

One wrong move and the human race as we know it could go completely extinct.

It is up to her and her instincts to make the right decision, not just for her but for every human out there.

Will she choose love?

~Love triumphs over everything.

Or will she choose war?

~War is the only way the people can truly be safe.

It isn't at all as magical and simple as the books she's read.

Instead, she is going to be broken in so many ways she never thought she would ever have to go through.

And all it took was one bite...

One bite to change her life, and one guy to change her destiny.

Fate- Bought In To Royalty.
Destiny- Become Royalty.
Purpose- Save the human race. 

One bite...

Two guys...

One girl...

Two ways...

One destiny...

Two choices... 

"I will fight until I breathe my last breath, and I will kill every single vampire that stands in my way! I am not going to sit back and watch as these beasts ravage my people, so please just let me go!"

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