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Pretty Memories : ( Tyga Story )

Pretty Memories : ( Tyga Story )

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NooFakeIshh By NooFakeIshh Completed


I used to lay around locked in my room mad at the world, thinking that everything bad that happen to me was my fault . Once things went down hill it stayed there for a long ass time . Nobody could help me and if they did I pushed them away . It came to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore .

I tired everything, drinking and taking a bottle full of pills, cutting my wrist, and walking in front of cars on my way home from school . They said the pretty ones have it the best but that's complete bullshit, it doesn't matter how pretty you are, anything can happen to everyone . .

After years of pain and trying to end it all the courts gave me two choices, 1.) Go to a Rehabilitation Center and then live in a foster home or 2.) Still take my ass to a Rehabilitation Center and then move in with my aunt and her daughter . I didn't want to put a family through so much stress if they had to deal with me so I moved in with my aunt .

Shit got even harder for me but I put it ...

golden__nae golden__nae May 19, 2016
I don't know if it's just my phone or the story had gotten messed up but half the words are missing and I don't understand it
the way you started it out makes me wanna read it even more!
quietlylurking quietlylurking Nov 16, 2014
why you ain't say nothing when you saw her looking?! that's how niggas get got.
jamiareeves jamiareeves Nov 09, 2013
This story is amazing and I love it so damn much its ridiculous<3
Hernameaa Hernameaa Aug 20, 2013
this the first time reading it and I think I will like it  :)
porsha25 porsha25 Jul 04, 2013
wow this is real heart worming cause each and every person goes through something and through ot all we just become a better person.