Kaleidoscope Prison

Kaleidoscope Prison

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Pay no attention to the girl in the back of the class, her dark brown hair hanging over her face as she sketches. Attempting to speak with her will only disappoint you. Unless you're there to mock her. Brandi Ford is a Junior at Waison High, a school for the intellectually gifted.

A life filled with confusion and abusive behavioral acts have left her broken inside. Her father is an alcoholic widower who decides that it's appropriate to slap, beat, and yell at his daughter while under the influence, without any recognition of her state at all.

When Brandi is locked inside a school, inside her classroom with a shooter who plans on holding them hostage, it's hard to believe when he pulls her aside and tells her he never wanted to do this. Instead, he tells her his name is Levi, that's when it all falls apart.

Brandi is out to learn a lot about herself and the others around her, about how life is worth living, and now she just has to be able to do it. The suicidal girl isn't so excited to die anymore.

Instead, she wants to live.

WARNING: Harsh/strong language and sensitive topics, just be aware before entering.

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IAmThatCoolNeighbour IAmThatCoolNeighbour Dec 30, 2017
Disengaged?! Suicide Silence?! Someone? Noone. OK, I'll go now. *jumps off a building and lands inside the Batmobile* *drives off to the sunset*
JinxedForever JinxedForever Jun 26, 2016
This has gotten even better with editing! Keep it up girlie!!
kiwinalu kiwinalu Mar 13, 2015
This is really good. I'm excited to continue, it's a very enthralling story so far.
JinxedForever JinxedForever May 26, 2014
Daum she is badass!  Well her thoughts are anyway.  I'll have to keep reading to say that for sure!  Eeep!
Simply_Writing4 Simply_Writing4 May 12, 2014
I got on and saw you dedicated this to me and was so happy! Can't wait for more! Love it!
SaviorInTheDark SaviorInTheDark May 10, 2014
This definitely makes your audience wonder what is happening and why, if I have to wait until Friday for the next update though, I'll be antsy all week. You should update it sooner than Monday. It's really great.