A Chance Of A Lifetime (A Shawn Mendes Fanfic)

A Chance Of A Lifetime (A Shawn Mendes Fanfic)

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So you know those famous viners? The guys from Magcon? Well I just so happening to be going on tour with them, and let's just say it will get interesting, fighting betrayal, lies and who knows what else. My friend and I are going to be stirring the pot for those boys without even knowing it. We never planned for things to end the way they did, but who are we to change the past?

Please be warned that my story is unrevised so if there is any spelling grammar or issues in the book I apologize. Also please understand that this was my first ever fan fiction and I realize that my writing isn't very strong in the beginning of the story and it moves a little too fast in the beginning, but please I promise it gets better and I hope you all enjoy.  

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fandom_kween fandom_kween Oct 19, 2017
How am I supposed to memorize alllll of these relationships. Hahahaha, this always happens to me.
MyNameAintHailey MyNameAintHailey Nov 02, 2016
But I thought shawn was dating Cameron😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😂
themaroonflash themaroonflash Oct 03, 2016
I this is so me this is the second person that I can maybe be
themaroonflash themaroonflash Oct 03, 2016
I found who I am this description is so be minus the cheerleading part
jram123456 jram123456 Feb 02, 2015
They call me Nena cause my parents are Spanish and that's my nickname cause I'm thinking youngest that's so cool
sunsettinglove sunsettinglove Dec 11, 2014
this is kinda like me, except, i have brown hair & brown eyes. :P