The Prince Bought Me

The Prince Bought Me

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Althea Javier By allieverse Updated Jul 27, 2016

"Get a hold of yourselves everyone! Let's start the bidding!" the lady emcee said flashing her white teeth. "Let's start with $5!"


The crowd roared to laughter. How dare her! I am not that cheap! Even though I can't play the piano or any instruments!


When the laughter eased down, a guy in a black tuxedo and green tie raised his number. I can't help but think of naughty things when I saw his number. Number 69.


His hair was blonde and even though from afar I can see his emerald eyes and he has broad shoulders. There is definitely a well-toned body behind that expensive suit, there's no doubt about that. His legs were crossed and his arm was leaning on the back of the chair while the other was raising the number,


"I'm going to buy her for a million dollars." he said very casually.


Everyone gasped, wide-eyed, shocked including me. Then suddenly it hit me. think I know this guy but I can't put my finger on it. I think I've seen him before.


"Going once? Going twice?" He was the only one speaking and there was silence and I can hear crickets. It's so awkward in here. "If that's the case she is sold to me.." a paused. "Prince Kleighton Morris of England."


I gulped. I just got sold. Someone bought me. Not just someone. Now I know who he is that's why he looks so familiar. A royalty bought me.


The Prince Bought Me.


I gazed at him and he was smirking at me.

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Lol is this girl Filipino? I remember Yolanda, it was terrible, at least this fictional prince is helping.
tvishis tvishis Oct 25
InsertYaoiHere InsertYaoiHere Jun 12, 2016
That's me in a situation like this- 
                              Sudden outburst: 
                              "I cAN'T WAIT TO GET LAID-"
A_Mere_Velleity A_Mere_Velleity Jun 09, 2016
Awwwww, I think he is a good prince and it is also called typhoon yolanda
I searched it cause I didn't know what it ment...............
                              Never again😲
analoveswriting123 analoveswriting123 Jun 09, 2016
Oh my....
                              My cheeks are red just from reading that! I'm so embarrassed for her😂😳😂