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Savannah. By xFlawlessly_Flawedx Updated 3 years ago
Anorexia. It's not just a disorder. It's the way of life. The path that will change you, forever.
it does sneak into your head and takes over your thinking :(
                                    all I can think about now is bloody food and the calories!! :(
                                    plus my want to be skinnier and how fat I am...
I don't think you purposefully wrote that line to be offensive, but it was definitely triggering. I really appreciate this piece, but this line in particular, in my opinion, was unnecessary. But, again, I'm sure you didn't mean any harm by it.
YOU do not choose anorexia, it's not some trend. Ana sneaks her way into your brain when you're feeling low.
i am on my way to recovery so understand how hard it is people who don't have this will never understand or only think they do it never easy but recovery is key to a better life xx
this is true and many people go through it hell i know 3 people including me who go through it and many more that i dont even know
I understand if anyone wants to talk. I have gotten better, yet it still affects me everyday, in ways you might not even imagine. Read the book I'm in the process of writing, How To Love Claire Mason. It explains how powerful the effects of anorexia are