Being A Bodyguard Of A Hollywood Jerk! [Needs Editing & Fixing]

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Freakx3 By Freakx3 Updated 5 years ago
Thank you CShepp for editing my describtion in Part I :D She's amazing! ^.^
    Thank you oatsbear for the awesome cover! If you need a cover, go to her profile, like now!
    Chapter 1 cover was made by Watermelonsushie! She's also amazing at it!
    And the other covers were made by me :)
Trust me guys it's not... And this is my 10th time reading this book! It's really good :)
You go, girl!
                                    I can hardly wait to read what's happening! :)
Hey Freakx3 sorry just got to a computer i read your story and loved it please continue your realy good at it. Cera is awsomeness!!!!! Do you of any awsome books to read about vampires andd werewolves or something like that? thanx!!!
@Freakx3 its an expression in afrikans(south african language) that shows ur happy its actualy ayoba but me being me decided to put the ness at the end.. So yah
I think the puppydog eyes got to me so i voted fanned en commented..on to da next chap
WOW! HUNNY I LOVE THE COVER!! (coming back and adding to my library xD)