a dragonball tale

a dragonball tale

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Viperjunior7 By Viperjunior7 Updated Sep 07, 2018

barodck and his family (gine and raditz) come to earth with baby goku. before 

My au's are too complicated and weirdI started thinking of what if situations in my head and one of those things are

bardock and his family(gine and raditz) come to earth with baby goku (gohans this here and he helps them adujst to earth) while not knowing vegeta(6 years old) with a 4 year old tarble comes the earth at the same time as well but he meets a five year old bulma and bulma decides that her family will take care of him untill they find his parents. Bulma will still meet goku when he is 12 and her 16 but vegeta will be with her in search of the dragonballs and vice versa to goku with bardock gine and raditz. I wonder scenarios would happen in this took place instead of dragonball.

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