Her melody (Anime: Diabolik Lovers)

Her melody (Anime: Diabolik Lovers)

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Animeworld_forever By Animeworld_forever Updated Sep 06, 2017

When Shuu discovers a music mystery, he is drawn to it like a moth drawn to light. But the problem is he may have discovered it but he hasn’t solved it as to who this person is with the heavenly voice and beautiful tune.

Whilst he also discovers a certain silver-eyed spitfire girl who makes him have the opposite reaction. When he finds out an old enemy’s eye is set on her, it triggers an emotion in him that he never knew he had. After all, what sort of vampire has emotion?

So, which path will he be driven by? Chasing his music mystery or explore this newly discovered ‘emotion' along with his brothers? Can they share?

THIS IS A DIABOLIK LOVERS FAN FICTION! I do not own any thing from this anime or is associated with it! Only written for entertainment purposes.


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Mysterious_Elvira Mysterious_Elvira Oct 10, 2016
Amazing! You write an oustsnd shu's P.O.V!! Keep up the good work!!!!
shiro1sora shiro1sora May 05, 2016
What teen isn't? Have you never been to the cafeteria before?! IT'S A BATTLEFIELD EVERYDAY!!! It's scary.....
_Local_808_ _Local_808_ Jan 22, 2016
Im so happy my name is Melody 😊😊😊😊😊...... nobody hate me
_Local_808_ _Local_808_ Jan 22, 2016
Im actually happy this story has my name in it..... can you guess what?
tigerstripedlilies tigerstripedlilies Dec 25, 2015
I like it and like how you use Japanese works or saying it's cool
breadstick-otaku breadstick-otaku Dec 15, 2015
Shu you're one sexy asss sadistic mother facker and I love you