The Hacker [Bucky Barnes]

The Hacker [Bucky Barnes]

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jill the destroyer By persephonee- Updated Feb 15, 2016

"The man on the bridge, I knew him,"

The Winter Soldier has a lot more secrets then he realized. More then he actually knew. He was used to following orders, that is until he finds out a startling fact about himself. That man with the shield, the man he was ordered to kill, is actually his best friend, and because of HYDRA, he doesn't remember him.

James Buchanan Barnes is The Winter Soldier. Frozen in time since the 1940's, he's a soviet assassin trained to be the best. But when he learns who he actually is, he goes to find himself. And to stop the organization that caused him this pain in the first place, HYDRA.

Enlisting the help of the world's most dangerous computer hacker, can Bucky stop HYDRA and remember the man he was? Or will the Winter Soldier take over and ruin him?

[ cover by SinisterSushi ]

_cemb__ _cemb__ Mar 11
Fun fact! That gif is actually of Sebastian's stunt-double, James Young
-capsicle -capsicle Mar 31, 2016
Even just from this prologue I'm so intrigued to know more. From this chapter and the description, I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this. Plus, I LOVE Bucky Barnes <3 Great job! Gonna read more. . .
AMintHeart AMintHeart Jul 31, 2016
I wonder how many times they had to rehearse that to finally get it right
_Princess-of-Asgard_ _Princess-of-Asgard_ Jan 22, 2016
And Howard said that Hydra wouldn't attack you with a pocket knife
stars_across_the_sky stars_across_the_sky Aug 13, 2015
Oh my goodness, BUCKY!! I love Bucky, will definitely be reading this story! :)) It sounds amazing already!
p_reetalx p_reetalx Jul 23, 2015
                              OMGGG MARVEL.
                              You write so well and professionally. :)