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Annany Mouse By Annany Updated Sep 10, 2017

In a world where the color of one's blood determines their strength, Nell Fiala was born exceptionally weak. As a colorless girl, she always thought she'd die young. But her sister has a plan; to save Nell and herself from an early grave and a life of fear, she is willing to consume the hearts of those stronger than them.

As a part of her sister's plot, Nell sets off with three powerful warriors: a woman with an invisible protector, a tall man ridden with guilt, and an ex-priest in a dark robe with an even darker past.

To unite with her sister in a promised utopia, Nell has to be brave, cunning, and cruel. Although Nell is determined to follow the plan, her newfound freedom and companions may change everything. In the country she finds filled with demons, death, and a secretive religion, Nell must make a choice between her sister, her freedom, and her life.

  • betrayal
  • blood
  • color
  • evil
  • family
  • guard
  • heart
  • lavender
  • love
  • magic
  • marriage
  • murder
  • nell
  • priest
  • romance
  • sister
  • warriors
LadyAireen LadyAireen Jul 17, 2016
Oh. Finally! I've been looking for a good read! This is just my cup of tea!
shoelissa shoelissa Jun 02, 2015
I don't know if you did it intentionally but God should be capitalized.
oliviaawerner oliviaawerner Apr 26, 2015
Perfect level of mystery and suspense in only a few words! VERY excited for the rest of the book! :)
BeeBeatzz BeeBeatzz Feb 21, 2015
I got a little confused as to who was speaking the whole time. (As in, was the priest the bad one? Or the man?)
girl_with_sense girl_with_sense Jan 05, 2015
I haven't been here on wattpad for a long  time. And when I came again, I was looking for a good story to read. Then I found yours. Interesting prologue. I think it will keep me awake all night. :)
MediocreArts MediocreArts Dec 11, 2014
Whoa...I never read something so dark... It makes me wonder, how did the murders even happen? I should keep reading to find the answer.
                              I don't comment too much, but I'm enjoying this already. Dark stories are kind of my thing XD