Sincerely Yours, No Matter Where

Sincerely Yours, No Matter Where

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Eryx Aias By EryxAias Completed

Do you believe in fated meetings?

How about a union so strong, that even death is unable to pry it apart?

While on a vacation trip to Istanbul, seven year old Thomas Anderson befriends a young girl named Christina Ashton. This is the story of their enduring friendship and love throughout the span of twenty years. 

All Ages. 

+The Creative Minds Awards - 3rd place in Short Story genre

+Rune Awards - Winner of 'Most Engaging Characters' in Romance genre.

Rune Awards review [excerpts*]-

-This sweet little love story is a devastating mix of equal parts sunshine and sorrow, both intermingling to tell a tale of two young lovers as equally fated to be together as Romeo and Juliet were destined to be torn apart.

-What at first glance might seem an obvious, potentially corny story has been both delicately and skillfully handled in such a way as to make the reader believe in love after death.

-By Sincerely Yours, No Matter Where's conclusion, the final scene feels as inevitable and grounded as if it were carved in the stones of Istanbul themselves. The characters aside, the story makes beautiful use of vivid descriptive imagery, which only serves to heighten the emotional impact of each and every scene. Motifs of sunlight and butterflies lend a further feeling of something precious and enduring. Some lovers are star-crossed, others are written in the stars. This warm, emotive little gem of a book gives the readers a couple that is both.

*You can read the complete review on TheBardicCollege profile in the Rune Awards book.

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