Stop The Cap: Rebels' Opinions

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Rebels of the fan cap! By Fan_Cap_Rebels Updated 3 years ago
    This is where you can have your say as to why you want to Stop The Cap.
    Inbox us your opinion and it will be posted on here ANONYMOUSLY!!!
@MonkeyChronicles1010 I'm not talking about people like you who have had your account for two years. I'm talking about actual people with old accounts that have been there since Wattpad started!
its so stupid, like you should be able to fan anyone you want to
The 'fan of' cap is here to stay. Should you have any feedback for us regarding how you think we can enhance the feature, please let us know on - thank you!
@JohnTalmond Not for those who hated the fan-cap. I talked to 4 people and they liked the idea of havng a poll for those who like or dislike.
@JohnTalmond It won't make any differences. People should have the rights to fan who ever they want and do what they want. I know alots of people like it, but some didn't. It would be a lot easier if Wattpad made an poll for some who wanted it or didn't wanted it.
Well I guess @JohnTalmond has already said this but your reasoning is insanely flawed.... At this point I am not talking about the fan camp... but the fact that because this is a FREE service they have every right to run it however they see fit