The Mafias Girl ✔

The Mafias Girl ✔

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Meet Ace Knight a ruthless and arrogant mafia king who is a billionaire and a girl's dream of a perfect  guy. He lives all alone in his big mansion and never believed he could ever love some until he met Alissa Rose, It was love at first sight. Before he had met Alissa he was lonely and was a very angry person but whenever he saw her all that anger faded and was replaced by love and lust. 

Alissa Rose, a beautiful, hardworking woman inspiring many people to work as hard as her. In her life she has gone through many hardship's like losing her family but still manages to make people smile and act as she had gone through nothing. She works many jobs and when she finally has time off she goes to the art exhibition and that's where she meets Ace Knight, whenever she is with him she feels safe and feels all giddy inside.

They go through many obstacles just to be with each other which makes the both of them stronger and appreciate every moment with each other.

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