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Some ghosts never die. 

For William Slate, there's always been Charlie, his troubled older brother. When Charlie split in the aftermath of a violent confrontation, scars and a childhood cut short was the legacy he left behind. Seven years later, William Slate is finally in control, and he won't give that up for anything. 

Athena Slate is an open book. Self-reliant and brutally honest, she refuses to let anything get in her way. Not an increasingly distant twin brother, not a best friend she hasn't seen in months, and certainly not the things people start to say about her at school... 

When their father announces that Charlie is returning home, Will and Athena must navigate minefields of memory and family, struggling to find a voice amidst a lifetime of silence.

⭐️FEATURED on @StoriesUndiscovered's Teen Fiction Reading List, "The Good, The Bad & The Spotty." 

Cover by @CringeWorthyPoet