The Stories of Misfits

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Emily By soaringrobin Updated a year ago
"To be honest, none of us really belong anywhere, but we're all outsiders and outsiders tend to band together like their own island of misfit toys."
    -Violet Zykin, Flowers.
    Marie thought her heart was okay. Derek thought that he was alone. Violet thought that being subordinate to her sister didn't bother her. Shamshad thought that he could survive his parents expectations. Rose was sick of being 'perfect'.
    What happens when all their lives are changed?
man, I hope I get the time to read this. it seems really interesting
I must say, some people just have a special talent for writing and you are one! I really loved this story, and I really think this is what most disabled kids think, without the people-hating problems. Great job! Voted!
Funny how you made an obvious story look NOT obvious and then ended with the obvious.
                                    Nice work!
I really liked this!! I just wish it was longerrr!! Wrote more stories pls!!
I love alien!!!!! I wish there was more to this story though :(
I really liked this though I got extremely clnfused with there being 2 sets of twins (I think) I dunno I just got really confused with who rose and violet were and who the 'twins' were when you said 'the twins'?!!! Anyway....but I really liked it