Let me live!; Quick transmigration (On HIATUS)

Let me live!; Quick transmigration (On HIATUS)

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kayLee921 By SapphireSage21 Updated Mar 25

A woman in her late 20s once said while laying on the pool of her own blood "In this life and the next, anyone who bullies me will be trampled a thousand fold!"

then suddenly.
synchronization complete!

"Hello host! I am system 003, the revenge extraction system! And from today onwards system and host will be partners! Let's have a merry journey together!" A cute voice of a child said in her mind before she lost all conscious and succumb to the force that is pulling her soul.

   Mei Xinran, a succesful 28 year old business woman who was almost at the pinnacle of her career when she was betrayed by her only family member and her beloved man who she was devoted to for 10 years of her life. 
    When she was at death's door. She was suddenly bounded to a system who claims that she will be granted 3 wishes and all the skills she will be able to attain if she will complete all the requirements given to her.
ML: Well hello pretty lady... Long time no see.

FL:Who are you? 

ML: Have you already forgotten this handsome man in front of you so early? Well that doesn't matter, I'll make you remember it all, one way or another. *he said with a serious voice*

FL: Good luck with that. 

 Author: This is my first system story.😇 And the second story that I am writing. I hope you will like it.