Hell's Bane (COMPLETED)

Hell's Bane (COMPLETED)

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Bearded Man at Sea By Yelverton_TheGeek_ Completed

Years ago, the Brimstone Faction was set into chaos. Once loyal to their cause, they protected an artifact known as the Devil's Crown for centuries, ensuring its location was kept a secret and its power never unleashed. But as time passed, the Faction eventually fell into corruption, seeking to wield the Crown themselves and to control the fabric of life and death.

Many years have passed since the Faction was torn, and both those allegiant to the Faction and those corrupted have gone into hiding, preparing their next move. But when a strange figure sends a warning of an imminent cataclysm, drastic events are set into motion. The corrupted ones have finally resurfaced and begun their last push to take the Crown for themselves.

Meanwhile, an explorer named Hugo Chance stumbles upon the warning and is forced to also help the allegiants. But as he delves deeper in the midst of chaos and deception, he discovers a truth that may jeopardize the allegiants entire cause.

#1 in Allegiances as of 2/25/19