【ON HOLD】Byron's Secret (Slenderman Romance)

【ON HOLD】Byron's Secret (Slenderman Romance)

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RiKa By GuardianDemon Updated Sep 19, 2016

Joy Lucille Williams, a normal young woman, living a normal life-that is until she moved to a quaint little town. She was desperate for a job so once Joy received an offer, she accepted in a heartbeat! Moving out of the big cities, she was determined to make the best out of her new career but upon meeting a co-worker, Byron, she couldn't help but feel troubled by his . . . mysterious demeanor.

【This is a Slenderman romance story】 

I own the book cover.

JCBlueTears JCBlueTears Jun 14, 2016
Yeah it gives you that option of copyright and other crap when you create a story. Btw, guardian demon, LOVE the style of how you write your stories; keep at it 👌🏽
GilZeAwesomePrussia GilZeAwesomePrussia May 06, 2016
                              Lmao @GuardianDemon you are a word in my dictionary 
                              Seriously GuardianDemon 
                              U r a FRIKEN word in mah dictionary 
                              Mostly cuz u awsome
ParaInParadise ParaInParadise Jun 14, 2016
I had been hoping this was an update..
                              But its ok
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_-Stark-_ _-Stark-_ Apr 10, 2015
I can't wait to read it...I love lethal passion. so I suggest to myself that this will be good...
resaveii resaveii Jan 11, 2015
Your art skills- They're amazing! The covers you made for your book are.....hm.....cant find a word to describe them! I love Lethal Passion's Cover!
DJ_JDSantos95 DJ_JDSantos95 Dec 31, 2014
WOAH, this is just plain awesome like Lethal Passion. He he :-)