A Cataclysm

A Cataclysm

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Shirozou Elric By ShirozouElric Updated a day ago

(Book 1 of 'Melody Of The Phoenix' series) 

 "We aren't the angels that descended from the heavens but neither are we the devils that crawled out of the depths of hell, we're soldiers at war. All we are is on different sides." - Randel Spider 

Witness the unfolding of a worldwide war in a fantasy world that sets up the harmonic existence of races that can manipulate the aspects of nature (Homo Xenocytes) with races that can't do the same (Homo Sapiocytes)

Johann Kenton Zark, the usurper, dissolved  the millennium peace treaty between empires for an agenda unknown to most, resulting in a war between them to take over his throne and rule over the world.

Follow the journey of Shirozou Elric, Kurokami Gerard and the rest of their squad as they rise through the ranks and help their empire overthrow Zark. But along the way, they realize it's not that simple...

Awards :

3rd - Action/Adventure - Coffee And Cake Awards