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Book One in #TheGiftedSeries: AT THE ACADEMY OF MAGIC & MAGIC STUDIES, students embrace the supernatural. From mythical creatures to a maddening Furialis Draft, this high school is all about magic. The elite boarding school has it all - a rich history, championship athletic program, and of course, a strong presence of magic. Everything at the Academy is perfect until suddenly, darkness comes and disrupts the peace.

The fall comes and students are wary to return, fearing their world isn't as safe as they once believed it to be. For eight young wizards, life as they know it will change forever. While navigating through the rumor mill that is high school and balancing complicated friendships - and even more so relationships - they find themselves facing an age-old secret and dangerous new threat.

Welcome to the World of Magic -- a world for the gifted.


_iaM_Mai_ _iaM_Mai_ May 11
Honestly, I've only read this first chapter and already this book is better than anything else I've ever read on wattpad! :) <3
I LOVE THIS AND I JUST STARTED! @ciarmichae you'll see me commenting all over this book 😂😂
after reading this book, i've come to the conclusion that it's definitely bart, jeremiah & some other guy we don't know...
- - Sep 19, 2015
Brilliant start. I really can't wait to read this series; I'm so into magic!
SabmilaMendes SabmilaMendes Aug 25, 2015
K, let me just pack and I'll be on my way to the world of magic. See you all there!
EatMagicForBreakfast EatMagicForBreakfast Aug 08, 2015
thus is soooo good I can't even begin of how well you.....well...
                               begun it!!