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yuukianaya By yuukianaya Updated Nov 02

zeno had a perfect life a totally perfect life he had a loving family caring friends and great neighbors he himself was a great child he was kind generous honest and a bit naive he was living his life perfectly but he felt bored because it was the same old routine for him waking up early eating breakfast and heading to the college in his father's secretarys car then going back home eating and taking a nap and doing his homework after that helping out people with this tiny problems but he had a problem even after turning 27 he was still single cuz he was too busy to think about having a girlfriend.

but what in the world went wrong?

you see he was confessed to by someone he didn't know .he had no feelings towards her thus rejected her and what did the girl do?

'  I curse you to never have a girlfriend the rest of your life I hope you never have a peaceful ending!!!'

turns out the girl was a total yandere  and a stalker.what happened next?

well he died yup died and in a really stupid way 

he bit his tongue too hard accidently while eating at home and knocked himself out due to a lot of pain and his family was out for a business party and he ended up dying due to massive blood loss

'wow I guess I'm dead now how stupid to just bite my tongue and die on top of that it was  accidental cuz I was too busy Reading my fav novel and eating along with it'.

<< well hello there host it is I your system here to escort you to your mission hall>>

'what?' (00)

<< I your system am here to escort you to your mission hall!!~>>




<<hello host??>>


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cfaithcsf cfaithcsf Sep 02
You should include more punctuation. You are missing most of your commas and full stops.
Kappayokai Kappayokai Sep 15
I've been thinking of a plot with this system for a while let's see how it goes
707123M 707123M Oct 22
Weeel he could always get a boyfriend ya know? Just saying…
Never have a girlfriend? that ain't gonna be a problem for him he's going to bat for the other team soon enough if he already isn't~