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Hetalia facts and the sort

Hetalia facts and the sort

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Allaania D. Braginski By Allaania Updated Sep 15, 2012

Do you know what 'Hetalia' means? Do you know where the opening theme is actually from? Do you know why Arthur Kirkland is called England and Britain? Do you know who actually said 'Vital Regions' first? How about the fact that there is a micronation of awesome!? Yes awesome. You know what I mean. You read right.
Some you might have known, some you might not.
Also has list of official names, names, ages, and heights (yes two names. they are different). Along with birthdays and the reason behind the dates.
Now has the World Conference Script.

-Lovino_Vargas- -Lovino_Vargas- Nov 06, 2016
Oooo I remember Italy something  Italy isaid some about 
                              Italy:plz plz dont hurt I going to tell everything plz and Germany love watching video and also he like bandage too
I'm pretty sure that North and South Italy are only half brothers.  Meanwhile, South Italy and Greece are actually full brothers.
_xX_amma_nya_Xx_ _xX_amma_nya_Xx_ Dec 06, 2016
I saw somewhere it was from England's middle name Ignatius. Like wtf s2g that's proly why America sticks to Iggy. Could be wroung tho. Pffft, Ignatius.
I actually knew this, it was a really interesting topic in History (I'm English, so this is the kind of stuff we find out aboutg
Icey_Ice_Prince Icey_Ice_Prince Dec 03, 2016
Everyone in the comments be like 
                              'MAH BABY CHILD NUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!'
He's so low-key nice, like everybody's so scared of him but this is the reality 😂