The Life Of Shay Valentine(unedited)

The Life Of Shay Valentine(unedited)

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#2 in honestly 

"What are you doing here with Nate?" He asked with anger in his voice.

"I'm his date" I said rudely

"His date? Shay what the f**k!" He semi shouted raking his hands through his black shinny hair.
As a child  growing up Shay was a happy child, she has to perfect family and she get everything she want. 

Shay grow up to be a beautiful young lady with standards, she always wanted to be independent as her mom would told her. 

she lost her parents when she was on her second years in college, her uncle promise to take good care of her on her little sister skai valentine. as day goes by her uncle wasn't living up to his promise. 

she wanted to get away from her uncle and the life she was living but she couldn't leave her little sister there. it's was getting worst his abuse to her, he didn't let her finished college and he wouldn't allow her to work instead she was a maid in her father's own house that her uncle now manage. 

one day she pray for a miracle and it was granted she was in a cafe and over heard a stranger looking for a living nanny to take care of his little sister. 

Her life slowly change after that.....

Please read for more details....