The South Season

The South Season

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Book 2: The South Season 

                 As summer is slowly coming to a end, school is not too far away. This crew is getting ready for their first semester of college and it's a new ballgame for everyone. By focusing more on their studies, building their careers and learning more about themselves it causes the many friendships to fade into just a little memory while making newer ones. 

              Jacqueline G. York, the baddie and the bougie chick makes her own rules and doesn't allow people to hold her down from getting closer to her goals. As her parents are disappointed in her choices of the decision she's made, and one being the college that isn't close to home, she heads to a place that is unfamiliar to her but still enjoying her first time on her own. 

          Eugene L. Savage, the hardworking and humble guy who makes sure the women in his life are happy. Being the only child in his mother's life and not knowing much of his father, he doesn't allow it to take him down. He uses that as a motivation to strive for success and keeps him in check. Often, getting lost in the process - the growth of a young man in the making has its battles.

       Jacqueline and Eugene has been together for a year, and are both attending colleges around each other in their first semester. It being their first year being on their own, as young-adults they learn that there's turning points in your life as you grow, mistakes you committee, the achievements, the love story being told and the incidents that always seems to change your life.

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