The Badboy's Tomboy || WATTYS 2015

The Badboy's Tomboy || WATTYS 2015

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Meet Delilah Mathews. She's not the one you typically notice, with her baggy clothing and seemingly quiet personality. She's a nobody and likes it that way.

So when Matt, the cutest, most popular dick at school starts paying attention to her, what happens?

A/N: This was the first book I wrote on WattPad and honestly I'm not a big fan of it; I'm only keeping it up because of the view count and because you guys seem to like it.

Swhedha Swhedha Feb 21, 2016
SAME blessing cause I don't smell so bad but everyone would be outside in sweaters and then there's me in the winter jacket and gloves.
MaggieLiuKelly MaggieLiuKelly Jul 13, 2016
Mulan. Belle was the hero in B&B too. but Mulan was real so MULAN!
pez000 pez000 Jan 31, 2016
Don't you love when your friend has the same letter for their last name. I do. We always get to sit together!
Swhedha Swhedha Feb 21, 2016
Bruh I would have ran after him and tripped him or something
Nianah_Hannah Nianah_Hannah Dec 16, 2016
I hit some guy with a water bottle today and he "tried" to trip me
Topazmountain Topazmountain Aug 15, 2016
i still think she should of said 'Brave' better than 'Frozen' for being girls being heroes and stuff