Dollhouse ~ Ghostbird Fanfic

Dollhouse ~ Ghostbird Fanfic

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Brooke Butler 🔭 By StAl2LiGhT Updated Jan 01

"See no evil. Speak no evil. Listen carefully."

A family akin to a modern Adams' Family moves into the derelict house across the street from Kota. Intrigued by the beautiful daughter, he and Nathan attempt to befriend her while trying to uncover her family's secrets. It isn't long after she's fully integrated into their group that the horrors inside the home of 666 Rosemund Avenue come to light. 

The mother who escapes reality by staying glued to her TV, unable to cope with their horrific past. The son who loves heroine and tries to numb away the agony. Neither speak with Rue and she's left to take care of both of them along with the adult responsibilities of the home. 

Even further into her horrific past lies a demon of a man who officials dubbed  "The Doll Maker" - her father obsessed with perfection. His obsession ruled their lives and eventually changed them all forever - in ways no one expected. 

The boys will go to any lengths to figure out why there's this eerie homemade miniature dollhouse in her room that depicts graphic scenes of horrors, why she's obsessed with clockwork and roses, why she only comes alive when she's wearing her pointe shoes, why her appetites are far from human....


*Due to current life events of my own, this book will involve eating disorders. Just a fair warning.*