Me Being Serious

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AliceNACT By AliceNACT Updated 3 years ago
I've never seen this done on Wattpad before, thought I'd be the first one. This is a collection of everything literature but non-fiction created by me. From speeches, PSAs, articles to essays, reviews and analysis of scenes and books, and random private research projects that someone might find useful for their homework or their own amusement. Practical and serious stuff, everything literature but non-fiction. 
    This is me outside of my cozy sanctum of fantasy. Me when my feet are on the ground, walking the earth and not floating in some strange world of mine yet to be known to the rest of mankind.
    This is Me Being Serious.
Yeah, I agree with this, too. In my country, teenage pregnancy is rampant, but is treated with a little more seriousness than I see in the media. I have to admit that I was shocked at those shows you mentioned... and also at the way writers here treat teenage pregnancy so flippantly. Voted.