The Human Luna

The Human Luna

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Dina By leprechaundolan Updated Sep 13

"No one else is marking you. Am I clear. You're mine. Forever. You're stuck with me and I'm the only one who is marking you."

Bella Anderson is just a little human girl with a broken home. She spends most of her time with her friends, school or their house. But what she didn't know was that her friends are hiding a big secret from her. They're werewolves. And so is her mate, the Alpha of the Red River pack. 

So what happens when on her sixteenth birthday, Ethan finds out she's his mate, and the Alpha of their neighboring pack, Julian, suddenly takes interest in her. Who will she choose? Her mate? Or her childhood crush?

  • alpha
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  • crush
  • hate
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gulsish gulsish 5 days ago
I'm confused what's an 18 year old doing in a 16 year old's class?
I like your chapter so far! Are we allowed to do self promotions? I just want more readers that's all lol.
Jen-1982 Jen-1982 Aug 25
Good work on your first chapter. Ok so it's clear she's Ethan's mate but why in the heck would Julian be interested in her? I mean is he only interested because now she is unavailable or has a mate...or could she be mated to two guys? So many possibilities. Keep up the good work :)
Feairy666 Feairy666 Sep 11
lol she’s not petite if she’s 5’5, thats more average...take it from someone who’s 5’3 🙄
Uh, either he's a very heavy, very bulky 'midget', or he's meant to be 6'5 instead of 5'5...