From the Other Dimension - A Hitoshi Shinsou Fanfic

From the Other Dimension - A Hitoshi Shinsou Fanfic

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Charlotte  "Charlie"  Wood moved to Japan from America with her mom in hopes of finding a better future as a hero.  Enrolling in UA was one of the best decisions in her life as she goes on her adventure to learn how to handle her quirk. She learns about her own abilities, makes unbreakable friendships, and finds love in the most random of ways.

(This Fanfic follows the events of the anime/manga, I do not own My Hero Academia, it's characters or the main events. Some dialogue is directly from the manga (briefs before training and main conversations that make an impact on the manga/anime) but I do own Charlie, the original scenes that I put in, and my own plot differences. Also, they're a little bit older in this book like 16/17)

#2-Bakugoukatsuki 3/4/19
#5-Shinsou 12/12/18
#10-All Might 1/12/19
#9- My Hero Academia 2/26/2019
#8- Aizawa 4/2/19

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