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The Unexpected Crowning

The Unexpected Crowning

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Julie By my_names_julie Updated Aug 14, 2015

Every year, the royals would hold a ceremony. The ceremony was a chance for the prince to find his mate; also known as the future queen. The guards would go to every village and pick out twenty-five names from the ballet of each pack. Only the girls ranged from thirteen to twenty had to put their name in the ballet. The guards would send the chosen girls to the palace where they will be prepared for the ceremony. The prince will have to choose one girl. But if he doesn’t choose that year, then he has to wait till next year. I never expected to be called out. Sure I have put my name on the ballet every year since I was thirteen, but out of all the girls it has to be me. I was the one who had to be dragged away from my family and pack to attend this so called ceremony. Who knew that I, Esther Silver, would ever be picked as the prince’s mate and the future queen? Everything was just so unexpected.

My birthday is march 19th but they gave my mom the paperwork late so my first birth certificate says march 21st. Thankfully it was fixed
Melindalila Melindalila Sep 10, 2016
Okay I see where this is going, both girls get picked the main girl is the alphas mate and her friends the betas mate, stop me if I'm wrong
galaxyy18 galaxyy18 Jun 14, 2016
this part doesn't make too much sense. if they're seventeen now and the first time, they put there name on the board was at 13, that would make it only 4 times; not ten.