My Favorite Blues - TMNT 2014/2016 Leonardo story

My Favorite Blues - TMNT 2014/2016 Leonardo story

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nomnomgirl By nomnomgirl Updated Sep 19, 2018

"Djöfullinn!" I curse in Icelandic as a chain wraps around me that nearly knocks the wind out of me, pulls me up onto the rooftop as I almost scrape my face on the rough surface. 

As I look for the source of the chain I hear a loud thump in front of me, I look up to see a.....turtle on steroids?

"Who are you?!" growls the turtle intimadatingly. I don't answer his question, rather, I look at the other three that stand behind him in the shadows. I only make out a glow that comes from their eyes, I study them with disbelief and marvel at a certain blue eyed turtle that stands there silently.

(Please show mercy on me, this is my first story ever and English is not my native language. But please correct my grammar mistakes, I would really appreciate it! :))))