My Teacher and Me (Lesbian Story)

My Teacher and Me (Lesbian Story)

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chapter 1..

My phone vibrated at the side of my bed, one new message from Maria, 

'get up you lazy bitch, we're meeting for school remember? don't be late!' 

Shit. School. Brilliant.

'thanks babe, forgot to set my alarm! be there in half an hour'

I put my phone down and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Mum had laid out my black skinny jeans, white blouse and checked vans which meant I didn't have to bother searching for clothes. I quickly shoved my hair up in a pony and did my make up before putting on my clothes and grabbing my bag...

'Bye mum! Be home at 5!' I shut the door behind me and walked to meet Maria.

When we got to school Justin embraced me in a massive hug. He is my guy best friend who I've known for years. We talked about summer and he reminded me about this new art teacher we were getting. How exiting. 

"So what do you think he'll look like? Or she, you never know" said Maria

"I seen 'her' earlier actually" Jasmine interrupted, "she doesn't look to bad, ...

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