The Greatest Wish

The Greatest Wish

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Sam By AlliNeedisYou912 Updated Apr 03, 2011

Set in another world, where two kingdoms unite every year for a special occasion, that only the lucky are able to know the reason behind. A small girl was left to fend for herself on the streets, having everything taken away from her. Sophia's only wish is to be able to attend the ball, and maybe even fall in love. 

The strong, independent girl is intent on finding out the truth and falls into all kinds of trouble on the way there. 

Crest, an high ranking member of one of the kingdoms, only gives mangled clues to who he actually is and only confuses Sophia through all of thier journey together. Set on finding everything about Crest, Sophia manages to fall for the mysterious and compelling man on her way to the truth, that ends up to be her birth right.

  • adventure
  • afraid
  • ball
  • crest
  • dream
  • fear
  • greatest
  • hope
  • kingdoms
  • life
  • live
  • love
  • ribbon
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SilverSeptember SilverSeptember Mar 07, 2011
Awww thanks for the dedication :3
                              Great story! As @Xenoheart said, good discriptions!
xMixim xMixim Mar 07, 2011
Hey I loved this chapter! Please update soon! Oh, and I didn't think it was short, you've got good lengthy paragraphs filled with good descriptions.
                              Keep up the good work!
                              Waiting for the update! :)