Highschool DxD: The Fox of Kuoh Academy {Hiatus}

Highschool DxD: The Fox of Kuoh Academy {Hiatus}

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RaccoonKing By CarrotyRaccoon Updated Sep 07

{Currently updating and rewriting chapters}

*Contains dark & explicit scenes*

During the time a nekoshou had betrayed and killed her master, the council decided to return the favor and had started killing all relatable neko-yokai as to show they aren't to be challenged and decided to kill the fox-yokai greed overtaking them and came to the conclusion that both need to be erased.

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Alright I will though they will show up maybe later in the story or pop up and then be gone for awhile
Hey could you maybe add yasaka and seekvaria to the harem please
Gagagushtos Gagagushtos Oct 15
BOI I don't care if you're a member of the council you're dun goofed