Tropical Threat (#3 - Semper Fi Series )

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Mary By caffrey1974 Completed
Natasha Graves is still a Detective at Grubbs County Sheriff's Department after her best friend, Amanda, married and moved to D.C. She has been promoted to lead detective for drug and alcohol related crimes. A new case turns deadly as Tropical Storm Vern heads towards Georgia, and she asks the Sheriff if she can call on the Semper Fi team to help protect those in immediate danger. Dead bodies, explosions, and drug lords will threaten her new-found happiness and her life.
Once again you  start your novels with a huge bang.... Love love love your looking forward to this  one.. Thanks so much . God bless
I just finished book 2 of the Semper Fi was beautiful..I cried like a blubbering idiot from the bachelorette party on.  I hope to one day to have a love like theirs and  her first love.  Good job on this on to book 3. God Bless.