What He Left Behind [edition 1]

What He Left Behind [edition 1]

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This will be removed once the second edition is completely rewritten on my dock, so don't get too hooked on the first edition. 

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Erays383 Erays383 Apr 21
Is with a written so beautifully oh my god it’s beautiful and I just with the words dictate but the pattern the writing the speech method on my god  is this gorgeous
G_CLue G_CLue Apr 09
I don't know why but this is exactly what happened to me and my recent ex boyfriend... It hurts and I'm still hurting 💔💔 I can't wait to read the rest.. ❤️
Erays383 Erays383 Apr 21
This makes me feel like it’s an actual actual story oh my God like a paper book story because of the start
- - Jul 22, 2017
whAT. so thaT's hOW you leave someone ?? don't go after him gurll
Erays383 Erays383 Apr 21
I’m not taking anything and because I don’t know anything about her so or him yet so
sofialeigh7 sofialeigh7 Aug 12, 2016
If I could in this book I probably just cut the guy's balls blend them and make him drink it😠😠😠