Less Than Survive || BMC Prison AU

Less Than Survive || BMC Prison AU

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hi tired, i’m dad By holly-bee Updated Sep 09, 2018

Jeremy Heere is arrested and sentenced to twelve years behind bars, incarcerated in Middle Borough Penitentiary in New Jersey. He has very few hopes for anything there beyond basic survival, but when the prison receives a new warden who has some very questionable ideas regarding prison ethics, he realizes that it's not going to be nearly that simple.

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Brought to you by the foundation of me staying up late writing and having about the same social life as Michael's hoodie.

Fun Fact: I was very tempted to name this "Be More Jail" pfft-

Writing this really made me realize how frickin easy it actually is to make a story about a highschool into a story about a prison

Conceptually inspired by a wonderful fanfic entitled Innocent, by johnlaurensmom, which, if you like Hamilton and haven't already read, what are you doing reading my crappy fanfic? Go, be free, read it.

Also how tf do you do tags

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TW || Swearing, Violence, Blood, Drug Use, it's a prison au, what did you expect?
I unfortunately very much do not own Be More Chill, only the writing.

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