Finding The Truth Is Hard

Finding The Truth Is Hard

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purplesocksrockxox By purplesocksrockxox Updated Jul 10, 2010

Kristy spent the summer with her aunt, leaving her brother and best friend behind. When she got back it was obvious that she had...grown up over the summer, and it defiantly does not go unnoticed by Cole, her (and her brothers) best friend. 

She starts noticing little things about Cole; the way his eyes seem to captivate her, the way his touch sends shocks through her body, etc.

Theres one little problem, okay, theres a few little problems-the main one being Nick, a guy Kristy met while spending the summer with her aunt. They start to like each other, and he asks to to be his girlfriend...but what about Cole?

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purplesocksrockxox purplesocksrockxox Jul 10, 2010
                              Thank you!
                              Is it confusing? Sorry.
                              Like i said, its a new style of writing for me,
                              im not that good at it...
skittz skittz Jul 10, 2010
wow thatt was another gud one! at first i didn't get it but thenn i read it more and I understood it!
purplesocksrockxox purplesocksrockxox Jul 09, 2010
                              Haha, thanks <3
                              Sure! Actually i was just looking for a new story to read,
                              so ill go read it right now :)
xLittleMonstahX xLittleMonstahX Jul 09, 2010
It's really good! :] you're awesome! XD hey, if you had the time, would you mind reading mine? It's called "Dying with cancer, but I fell in love." thanks! X
purplesocksrockxox purplesocksrockxox Jun 04, 2010
                              Love yours too!
                              Creative name btw, i really like it♥
purplesocksrockxox purplesocksrockxox Jun 04, 2010
                              Honestly i didnt think anyone would read it,
                              so im SUPER excited right now-
                              I have comments and fans!!!
                     may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me this is AWESOME!