Prince Charming👑

Prince Charming👑

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Dimple gurl By thedimpledgurl Updated Mar 18

"Suddenly I could feel the wind blowing fast.. And I could hear the footsteps of horse approaching.. Like the world is going to stop now.. And my heart started pumping fast.... Faster... Dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak.. Like someone is riding on my heart instead of horse.."

"Stop beating so fast dude heart.. Are you gonna kill me..?"

"I could see a guy riding a horse.."

I went forward to see him.. Literally on the tracks of horse riding.. And stood there..

"Today was the first time I saw him.."
He came riding on a horse.."

"Am I dreaming?"

I pinched myself to confirm.

"No I'm not.."
"He's exactly the type of guy I've always dreamt of.. Riding on a horse.. Wow.. Man.. Who comes riding on a horse.. These days...?"

"Move Move.." I could hear the guy screaming at me and waving his hand left right..

"But I was so lost in the moment.. I couldn't realize it was all real.."

In a fraction of second I don't know what happened.. The guy was all over me.. He was on me.. I was in his arms.. Rolling a little bit.."

"I stared into his eyes.. Fresh green.. Like they've just been nurtured.. And he was huffing.. His breath was fanning my face.."

Right now I don't what's happening.. I'm so a confused..

Guys come on.. Don't be mean or lazy.. Click the read option and read start reading the story.. Man..

You need to know the full story ik.. So come on..

❤❤❤❤❤❤Prince Charming❤❤❤❤❤❤

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