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Desires (Erotic Short Story)

Desires (Erotic Short Story)

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Autumn Raine By autumn_raine18 Updated Sep 29, 2018

Himeros (God of Sexual Desire)

I lay in my bed holding the 3.5x2 cm business card in my hand. It in itself is masculine and beautiful, a sleek satin black, not quite matt not quite glossy, but somewhere in between the two. 

There is an embossed silver logo across the front, one word and one word only, Himeros.

Even though I have heard of several Roman and Greek gods I had never heard of this one. I googled the name when I was first given the card, Himeros Greek God of sexual desires.

I bite my bottom lip and turn the card over to find a telephone number and nothing else.

I pick up my mobile phone, am I seriously going to  call a strange unknown number.

I dial and it rings, then a husky deep masculine voice answers sending shivers down my soine.

"Himeros, what is your desire tonight?"

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