Bound by Duty

Bound by Duty

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quillofkarnika By quillofkarnika Updated Aug 28

Danielle Ward is on the run. After killing her step-uncle, she is exiled by her pack and seeks refuge with one of her good friends. Her callous father, her jealous stepmother and her maternal pack want her blood. But fate has other plans for her. 

During a royal inspection, Danielle finds that her mate is none other than the king himself. She gets swept into a series of activities from then on to prove and establish herself as the rightful queen of wolves.

But Danielle has secrets; secrets her mate finds disturbing and dangerous. What happens when he begins questioning her and pushes her boundaries?

Will Danielle, who wants nothing but to be a good queen, decide cover up the truth, or release it, risking their chance to a lifetime of happiness?

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aztec2006 aztec2006 Sep 11
Oooh, I've been searching for something like this all day!!!!!!😄😄😄😄
Great start now I am wondering why she killed her step-uncle!
Who is Lupa? I'm guessing she's her inner wolf but you need to make it obvious.
Is Dani a different person than Danielle? If it's the same person the narrator should always call her by the same name.
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 03
I really like this character. She's fierce and independent. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 03
@quillofkarnika Wow, both you and your characters go for the jugular right from the get-go. 😲