Cupid's Little Helper

Cupid's Little Helper

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Lauren likes Elliot, but Valerie hates Elliot.  Valerie Scott bears an impassioned hatred for Elliot Watson, who happens to be completely oblivious when it comes to Lauren, Valerie's best friend. Lauren has a huge crush on Elliot. 

Then there's Valerie again, who would do anything for her best friend even to the extent where she would have to communicate with the devil, aka Elliot. Back to Lauren, who is friendzoned by Elliot but is determined for that to change.

Therefore, Lauren is relying on her best friend, Valerie to give her advice. Not just any advice , advice from Cupid's Little Helper, aka Valerie.

 ❝A complicated love triangle? You could say that.❞

PREWARNING: this is not an edited story and there will be chapters where the punctuation, grammar and vocabulary are just a complete mess.

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cagedheart cagedheart Aug 09, 2016
I have a feeling this book is going to become a favourite of mine!
imgonnastayinmyzone imgonnastayinmyzone Apr 05, 2016
Ok I'm really excited for this too, you're a brilliant author xx
- - Feb 15, 2016
Like I would ever let my sister get out of the house like that
Alamaailma Alamaailma Jan 05, 2016
But, you are going to a party JUST because Elliot will be there, right? (Nothing against you, Lau)
Alamaailma Alamaailma Jan 05, 2016
XD I'd say it's weird that they where a trio, and then two got in a fight, but the other one is still friends in both parts. But I'm pretty much living that in Lau's place—not the part of liking my friend, though.
Alamaailma Alamaailma Jan 05, 2016
Awww. He had braces [even of those things hurt like hell] :3