unSTABle ~|Mc Youtuber FanFic|~

unSTABle ~|Mc Youtuber FanFic|~

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Pho3n1xcloud By Pho3n1ncloud Updated Sep 22, 2018

"What is going on guys and girls! My name is ***** or ******* and welcome back today, to minecrafttt! How are we doing everyone? Welcome back, welcome back! Today we are here back on Murder Mystery, the game where everyone needs to survive and kill the murderer or the maybe it'll be the the way around and it'll be the murderer's victory! Now before we get into it, I'm here with *****! Say hello!"

"Hello guys! It's meh ***************!"

"Annnddddd we'll soon be joined by **** or ********* so don't you worry!"

"Mhm now we'r- Wait... *****?"

"Yeah *****?"

"I think my game crashed or something, I tried to bring us into a game but my screen, it... Turned black all of the sudden!"

"Don't worry I'll end the recording, we can fix your computer then we can continu- Oh dang... My computer also needs fixing I guess?"

"Why? It i- *****!! HELP!!!"

"*****? Buddy? What's wrong? Hello? *****? Wha- OH DEAR GOD HELP M-"

BuT nO oNe CaMe...
WeLl cOmE tO mUrDEr MySteRy~!!

DoN't LeT tHe ColOuRs FoOl YoU..

-Yumi signing off-

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