Coma (Slowly Editing)

Coma (Slowly Editing)

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Ei By hippopototamus Completed

Anna has been in love with Seymour Harris ever since she met him in an elevator years ago. But Seymour, gorgeous, popular and wildly charming, has never given her a second glance. Until now. 

When a tragic accident occurred, causing Seymor to go into a coma, Anna seems to be the only who is able to see his spirit. With the possibility of euthanasia hanging over his head, they must work together to save him from his predicament, especially before someone turns off the life support.

This is a story of young love, heartbreak, and the search for hope when everything else seems to be lost.

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slothpaced slothpaced Aug 13, 2017
Sounds cute! A little stalker-ish but then again, she's only 13!
JosefaPereira2 JosefaPereira2 Oct 05, 2016
Sean O'Pry as Seymour Harries
                              Danielle Campbell as Annalise Bell
efflorescences efflorescences May 07, 2016
Just putting it out there - literally saw the cutest guy in the lift four years ago and i never saw him again.
lowkeystyles lowkeystyles Apr 10, 2016
When the trailer Is chasing cars and you love greys anatomy 😭😭😭
auriella auriella Oct 29, 2015
That went from stalkerish but kinda sweet to just plain weird really quick.  
                              "I fell in love with the way he said 'fvck' when he realized that he'd forgotten his house keys."
                              Like seriously how many times has he forgotten his keys
LoricMockingjay LoricMockingjay Oct 15, 2015
Looool this is so cliche but awesome and funny st the same time!