Moved to a new town...that just so happens to be full of vampires.

Moved to a new town...that just so happens to be full of vampires.

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Rachel By Sugababy7 Updated Mar 08, 2012

I sighed, as I slowly pulled my headphones out of my ears. Mom was going on and on about how great this change would be. I, on the other hand, was not so sold. "Are you sure you don't want to change your mind? I mean...San Jose has everything you'll ever need!" I said, trying desperately to convince her.

My mother's laughter filled the car, as she glanced over at me. "Lily dear, you know why we're moving. And it's a little late sweetie, considering we're actually here."

As she said this, I immediately snapped out of whatever state I was in, and glanced up. When I did, I felt a small gasp escape my lips. "Oh my gosh." 

The house was truly stunning. There were pillars aligning the front, and a balcony extended across them. It was painted a crisp white with forest green shutters, and a large porch stretched around it gracefully.

To be perfectly honest, it was the most beautiful house I'd ever seen.

Slowly we got out of the car, my eyes still glued to the house. "Oh mom, I had no idea...

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JosetteChavez JosetteChavez Feb 24, 2012
i wish u would update your storys more i start reading them n get to the last page and want to read more but u never update
Sugababy7 Sugababy7 Feb 07, 2012
@Dot2DotNerd Well I have to decided to move forward with the story, so I hope you will give it another chance :)
Dot2DotNerd Dot2DotNerd Jan 14, 2012
I take it that your not going to upload anymore? I so disappointed, I was really looking forward to reading this more, but i guess as you dont see to want to upload this i should'nt check back anymore and leave the comments. :'(
Dot2DotNerd Dot2DotNerd Dec 28, 2011
Dot2DotNerd Dot2DotNerd Dec 04, 2011
Please Please UPDATE!!!!!!! i love this story so much and i really want you to upload, i cant wait!!! <3
Dot2DotNerd Dot2DotNerd Dec 04, 2011
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPLOAD SOOON! i love this story i really want you to upload!!! x